Friday, June 23, 2006

Conference delegates

Editing my conference script went better than expected yesterday; if I can find the same inspiration today, then it will be finished and ready for rehearsing by tomorrow.

The conference delegate list was published this morning on the website - I think I'd better wear my best frock! These people move in different circles than I do; and yet, I have to admit that, on balance I'm probably slightly more excited than anxious. I've always enjoyed a challenge and I really enjoy meeting people who have a completely lifestyle and outlook than I do.

My lack of nerves about this event can be attributed to a couple of very fortunate character traits; firstly, stage-fright only hits me in the minutes, or sometimes just the actual moment immediately prior to a big event. This is the same whether the event is a performance, a reading, a talk, a live interview, or meeting someone important. And because it happens so close to the event there is no possibility of backing out; I have to just breath deep and get on with it.

The second reason is my deeply held belief that we all really do share a common humanity. There is always a point of reference between two people that allows at least a spark of recognition and respect to flow between them. We might not always be conscious of this spark, which means we can't always fan it into life, but I'm certain that it always exists. It's because of this belief that I'll be honouring the delegates and the conference organisers by dutifully preparing my presentation over the next 2 weeks; and, I'll be genuinely looking forward to the experience of meeting some very interesting people.

As a friend of mine used to say: Onwards, ever onwards.

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